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Safe Routes to School

PESA is proud to support the Safe Passage Program of the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney. The Safe Passage program is a vital component of the Neighborhood School Safety Program (NSSP). IMG951737 (1)The Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney has created the NSSP program to facilitate comprehensive crime reduction strategies that will promote a crime free and safe environment in the neighborhoods surrounding schools and the routes students travel to and from school. The NSSP pairs interdepartmental resources with other available programs to enhance the quality of life in the communities surrounding the participating schools.
The Safe Passage Program is a centerpiece of the NSSP program. At its core, the Safe Passage program is committed to sustaining safety for children as they walk to and from school. PESA funds and administers this program for the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney. The program accomplishes its mission by working with parent volunteers and local community members, who act as “extra eyes on the street”, and promote a sense of well being for the students.
PESA is pleased to colloborate with the following entities in administering The Safe Passage Program:

  • Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney
  • Parents and Community Leaders
  • Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)
  • Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)
  • Los Angeles School Police (LASPD)
The Safe Passage Program actively works with the community to create and promote safety partnerships, so the children in our community have a safe route to the school they are attending. The development of safety partnerships is critical to maintaining a sustainable and effective Safe Passage Program.