A democracy becomes a democracy and ceases to be an oligarchy, on a grand or small scale, when a proper education is available to all and not just a few. This is not only true concerning our educational system but for all resources a community has to offer its citizens. For when this occurs all of its citizens have the knowledge to have a say in their government. Thus the cornerstone of any healthy democracy lies in the prosperity and success of its educational system that provides the means and the tools for its citizens to become knowledgeable informed, engaged citizens allowing them to not only enrich their own lives, but the lives of their families, and other community members as well.

SchoolShotThus education exists as the most important resource a government can offer its citizens. For education exists as the “Great Equalizer.” When a child born into the lowest denominations in our society has the opportunity through a vital public school system to obtain the education necessary to live a better life then his parents, then true “mobility among the classes” occurs. When this exists every citizen has the means and the tools to obtain their legitimate goals by pursuing their efforts within the rules established by a healthy, inclusive, democratic society.

Our organization understands that a government addresses the needs and desires of those it governs by maintaining a prosperous school system that allows equal access to the resources of a public educational system for all and not a few. With all being illuminated about the rightfulness of all community members having equal access to a proper public educational system, then all will know that a democratic community prospers when all of its members have equal access to justice and its resources.

MultipleKidsSadly our schools as well as our community as a whole are not meeting this criterion. Our organization exists to cause this metamorphosis to occur in our schools as well as in our community as a whole, so that all members of our community can have equal access to justice as well as the resources needed to create a healthy democratic society.

“Creating a Better Future for Our Community through Advocacy, Mentorship and Education” is the goal of Parents, Teachers and Students in Action for Better Schools and a Better Community.